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Bridgestone and Lake Country Technologies, LLC Sign Agreement to Investigate and Develop a Containerized Renewable Hydrogen Reformer and Storage System

Bridgestone and Lake Country Technologies, LLC Sign Agreement to Investigate and Develop a Containerized Renewable Hydrogen Reformer and Storage System

June 23, 2021 0 Comments press-release

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA, May 31st, 2021

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. (https://brdgstn.com) announced today that the Company has signed an agreement with Lake Country Technologies, LLC (LCT) of Northwest Florida to investigate and develop a containerized renewable hydrogen reformer and storage system. This containerized system will be designed for easy transportation and for location in space-limited locations such as city gasoline stations.


“Bridgestone Associates has worked with LCT over the last ten years, and with LCT’s principals for many years before that on a number of innovative environmental and energy projects including technologies for alternative energy production utilizing fuel cells, bio fuels and coke oven gas, concentrated solar power, de-watering and removal of nutrients from animal manure, and removal of waste solids in papermill white water” said Martin Anderson, President of Bridgestone Associates, Ltd.  “We are excited to continue to work with LCT on development of this innovative approach to provide renewable or “green” hydrogen for use in transportation” continued Mr. Anderson.  “Vehicles with fuel cells using “green” hydrogen (FCEV’s) or vehicles using renewable electricity (EV’s) are the future of de-carbonized transportation. Hydrogen is typically produced at large reforming facilities and then transported for local use. Localized production may prove to be more cost effective if we are successful working with LCT to develop this containerized reforming and storage system.”


About Bridgestone Associates, Ltd.

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. is a thirty year old Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA based energy consulting and development company, focused on the evaluation, development, financing, design, construction and operations of Renewable, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Independent Power (IPP) energy production facilities; on the efficient use of energy; on the development of energy and environmental technologies; and on decarbonisation.  The Company provides these services to developers and owners of power generating and other energy related projects, and to commercial, industrial, and institutional energy users worldwide.


About Lake Country Technologies, LLC

Lake Country Technologies, LLC is a ten year old Pensacola, Florida, USA company.  LCT’s team has decades of experience and has taken multiple unique and or developmental environmental and energy related projects from concept through detailed design.  In multiple cases LCT has successfully developed these projects to full commercial operation including commissioning, startup and staff training.  The LCT staff has received US and international patents on a number of the technologies which they have developed and commercialized.  Projects have been deployed across many industrial sectors including, oil and gas, agricultural, food processing, energy generation and waste treatment.



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