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Energy Management and ConsultingTeam & Advisory Board

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. has a strong energy management and consulting team consisting of technical specialists and management personnel with a wide range of experience and capabilities to work individually, or from which to form project specific teams. Whatever the project, at its outset, tasks required to complete the project and the skill sets needed for each task are identified. If the project scope and task requirements dictate, internal resources are then augmented with additional outside consultants and technical specialists under contract. This team building approach, selecting and utilizing the best available skilled and experienced personnel internally and under contract, has provided Bridgestone Associates with the ability to undertake a wide range of complex and challenging projects and complete them on time, on budget and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Martin C. T. Anderson

President & CEO

Martin is the founder and driving force behind the success of Bridgestone Associates. He has over 43 years of diverse worldwide technical, business and management experience in the evaluation, development, financing, construction, operations and maintenance of power and other energy projects of all types, sizes and fuels. He has been responsible for the performance of studies and evaluations of over 500 energy projects and all the work output of Bridgestone Associates.

Before starting the Company in 1991, Martin held senior management positions with two leading independent power project owners and developers where he was responsible for identification, evaluation, development, permitting and design of cogeneration and independent power projects. Projects included biomass, hydro, wind, coal, waste coal, natural gas and oil and ranged in size from a few hundred kilowatts to over 500 MW.

Prior to his work in the independent power development industry, Martin held senior positions with two of the world’s leading power plant equipment manufacturers and service suppliers. Work included developing and financing a greenfield 17.5 MW biomass plant; developing a new Operations and Maintenance product line; developing a refurbishment and plant upgrade product line; managing power plant service work in the Middle East, Africa and Europe; and on-site power plant construction and service work worldwide.

He has had extensive hands-on and management experience in evaluating, designing, developing, financing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining power plants and other energy projects throughout the world. He has performed numerous energy audits and studies for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. He has also represented the independent power industry in hearings before a number of state and federal bodies.

Martin holds a BSc Eng (with Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Brighton, Brighton, England and an MBA from Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a Senior Member of the Association of Energy Engineers, a Senior Member of the Cogeneration and Competitive Power Institute of the AEE, and a Member of the Association of Energy Services Professionals.

Frank C. Miller

Senior Project Manager

Frank has over 43 years of experience in power, food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pulp and paper manufacturing, and consulting engineering design.

As part of this experience, Frank has held the positions of Director of Engineering for a Fortune 500 food processing company, General Manager and Production Manager of a chemical manufacturing company, and Technical Director in the paper industry. In the processing industry, Frank has been responsible for manufacturing, process engineering design, plant engineering and maintenance, equipment selection, plant utilities management and construction. This experience has included such diverse processes as reactor-based systems, filtration systems, distillation, centrifuges, scrubbers, piping, storage systems, compressor and air handling systems, paper machines, film finishing, packaging and multiple energy recovery projects.

Frank holds a BS in Pulp & Paper Science & Engineering (Chemical Engineering) from Syracuse University. He has developed and holds numerous patents related to the treatment of water and wastewater in oil and gas production, and in the agricultural industry.

Bruce K. Colburn, PhD, P.E., C.E.M.

Senior Technical Consultant

Bruce has over 45 years of experience in engineering consulting and design and in project management, evaluation and structuring. As an independent consultant he has extensive experience in the energy conservation field, and in particular, energy performance contracting.

He has been responsible for energy analysis, field data acquisition/instrumentation, automated building control systems and design of mechanical and electrical retrofit work. Prior to becoming a consultant, he was a senior executive with an international Energy Services Company (ESCo) where he was responsible for the development and successful performance of projects in 12 countries. Prior to that Bruce held a number of senior technical and managerial positions including starting and running a successful engineering and design firm, and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University. He holds a PhD in Engineering from Auburn University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the General Motors Institute.

Dr. Colburn is a Registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas as well as having NCEES National Registration; a Certified Energy Manager; a Certified Green Buildings Engineer; and a Certified Sustainable Development Professional.

Giles W. Willis, Jr., PhD, P.E., LEED AP

Senior Technical Consultant

Dr. Giles Willis has over 50 years of engineering experience, specializing in energy conservation projects, research and development of new energy use analysis techniques, design of specialized measurement and data acquisition equipment for energy audits, specialized computer programs for analysis of electrical and mechanical energy consuming systems, and directing lighting and HVAC design efforts. He is an expert in electrical machines, power quality and efficiency and has years of hands-on experience with data collection and instrumentation.

Giles has conducted preliminary studies, prepared schematic designs, conducted design charrettes, provided conceptual design and preliminary drawings, and completed design with the final drawings and specifications for multiple energy and infrastructure projects. He has also completed commissioning, power quality, energy audits and energy retrofit projects. He has been involved in energy engineering work since the 1970’s, and was one of the developers of what eventually became the Energy Systems Laboratory at TAMU. He has worked with school districts, universities, commercial, industrial, and various institutional facilities on energy audits, efficiency retrofits and upgrades, and has been a forensic witness in energy performance disputes. He developed some of the original DOE Industrial Energy Auditor Training Programs, and directed those efforts for many years.

Giles retired from the United States Air Force a full colonel where his many Air Force jobs included Deputy Inspector General of the Air Force Systems Command, Andrews AFB, MD. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC and an MA and PhD from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and is Certified LEED AP by the US Green Building Council.

John F. Hyfantis, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

John has over 45 years of experience in energy engineering, conservation, energy consulting, performance contracting, plant design, plant management, operations and maintenance.

For more than 30 years he has specialized in diagnosing and correcting energy inefficiencies; providing engineering services for HVAC equipment replacement and upgrade, process and space conditioning, variable frequency drive design and installation, building management system design and commissioning, compressed air site analysis; and power allocation surveys in a wide range of institutional, industrial and commercial facilities in the US and in Europe.

John holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College and an MBA from New York University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. He is a Charter Member of the Association of Energy Engineers, Founder and Member of the New Jersey Association of Energy Engineers, and a Member of the Association of Health Care Managers. He is also a Certified Energy Manager.

Scott M. Theal

Project Manager

Scott has over 25 years of hands-on and management experience in environmental and regulatory projects, environmental compliance auditing and reporting, site remediation, permitting, and design and implementation of waste containment and remediation. He has performed and managed numerous projects under the oversight of the USEPA and numerous state and local agencies. Most recently Scott has managed and worked on the detailed evaluation of a microgrid for the City of Binghamton, NY; on identification and development of combined heat and power (CHP) opportunities in the Northeast; and on numerous sales tax energy audits.

Before becoming a consultant, Scott held a number of progressively senior technical and project managerial positions with regional environmental and consulting companies. He holds a BS in Geology from Edinboro University, Pennsylvania and is a Licensed Sub-surface Evaluator in New Jersey.

Abdramane Toure

Special Consultant Africa Projects

Abdramane has over 40 years of senior management experience in various public and private sector entities in Africa and the USA. Since 2006 he has worked with Bridgestone as a special consultant on the identification and development of power project opportunities in his native Africa, and in particular, on projects in Liberia and Mali.

Abdramane served as managing director for two commodities trading companies operating in the USA, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia. He also served as Operations Manager for a large Afro Indonesian logging and wood processing company with annual production of around 1.2 million cubes of log. As a private consultant, Abdramane played a key role in the successful negotiation of a BOOT concession agreement between the state of Cote d’Ivoire and an international company for the realization of a livestock market-abattoir complex (slaughter house) in Abidjan.

From 1979 to 1989, Abdramane served as Central Director for the Social Security Fund of Cote d’Ivoire directly responsible for the strategic planning of financial resources including investment activities and project management. He also once headed the legal department at the Social Security Fund. He holds Bachelor degrees in both corporate law and economics from the University of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and an MSc in Actuarial Science from the University of Iowa, Iowa City. He also holds the part 3 exam from the Society of Actuaries.

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