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Industrial, Government/Municipal & Commercial Energy Audit Services

Energy Audits, Operations Analysis & Demand Side Services


Analysis of existing operations, operational methodologies and practices, and manpower assignments can lead to determination of ways in which overall facility operations costs may be lowered.  Benchmarking of existing operations, costs and energy utilization against similar facilities can also provide valid guidance on possible opportunities for cost reduction. Bridgestone provides industrial, government/municipal and commercial energy audit services to identify inefficiencies and recommend cost reduction strategies.


Simple measurement and analysis of existing utilization of energy can often lead to development of strategies or replacement of equipment and systems to lower energy use.  Facility systems are often found to be poorly designed for their current purpose, poorly maintained or out-of-date relative to newer, more efficient systems.  Systems were often designed with “first cost” in mind, not long-term energy utilization and costs.  Measurement, analysis and auditing provide technical and economic justification for changes in design and equipment.


Energy use may often be reduced through simple operational and behavioral changes.  These changes can usually be implemented with minimal cost.  Suitably designed and implemented behavioral programs and plans can result in significant energy savings.


Bridgestone Associates provides a range of services related to the analysis of operations, auditing energy use and developing the necessary plans to reduce costs.


These services include:

  • Analysis and benchmarking of existing operations, operational methodologies and manpower usage
  • Preliminary and detailed energy audits on a system-by-system and/or facility wide basis
  • On-site measurement and verification of energy use, losses, wastage, etc.
  • Identification of demand-side energy reduction strategies, system changes and equipment replacement
  • Identification and analysis of behavioral changes
  • Design of energy management and awareness plans
  • Economic and technical justification studies
  • Contractor selection and management
  • Verification of savings programs


Our vast experience providing industrial / commercial energy audit services ensures we can get the job done right.

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