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Bridgestone Energy Services Ltd.

Bridgestone Energy Services Ltd. (BES) is an affiliate company specializing in the installation, ownership and operation of energy related projects and the sale of energy related equipment.  One of its primary focus areas has been the design, installation and operation of demand control systems for small and medium sized commercial facilities (e.g. restaurants, clubs, small manufacturing and commercial office buildings).  BES has designed and installed numerous demand control systems based on the K-MAC Phase III Demand Controller.  Installations include a micro brewery, a ceramics and specialty paint manufacturer, a country club, a bowling alley and a number of restaurants.

In addition to the demand management systems installed by Bridgestone Energy Services, Ltd., the company has designed and installed energy metering and monitoring systems and a number of energy management systems for commercial facilities.  Clients include WalMart and Sam’s Club stores, a large office building and a number of hotels.

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