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A Boutique

Energy Consulting Group & Services Firm

We construct a specialized team for each project to reduce overhead which lowers our service costs compared to other larger energy consulting groups.

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd’s philosophy and structure is designed to augment our internal resources when needed with experienced outside consultants, engineers and specialists to augment internal resources and assist where needed in the performance of some of our larger projects. This allows us to offer our clients a broader range of services without the financial burdens of added overhead. We are therefore always looking for experienced consultants, engineers and technical specialists who are interested in working on a contract basis as part of our team. We are also interested in teaming with others who need assistance in the completion of projects for their clients. Bridgestone is a versatile energy consulting group that can adapt to serve most any energy project.

Who Bridgestone Associates is

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. is an energy consulting group and energy services firm dedicated to providing energy users, producers and suppliers of energy, energy services companies, investors and others interested in the energy industry, with a broad range of services relating to the production and efficient utilization of energy. Bridgestone has successfully achieved this goal over the past 3 decades with a diverse range of clients, a broad range of projects, and a wide range of skills and experience.

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Experience & Capabilities

Bridgestone’s experience and capabilities are focused into three primary areas. The first is in the evaluation, design, development, permitting, financing, construction, operations and maintenance of renewable and independent energy projects and other non-utility power plants. The projects undertaken in this area have included renewable energy (photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, wind, hydro, biomass and hybrid systems); commercial, industrial and institutional cogeneration (CHP) and tri-generation (CCHP), microgrids, peak shaving and stand-by systems; and large utility sized generating stations using a wide variety of fuels and different technologies.

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Energy Consulting Group & Technical Services

The second primary area in which Bridgestone focuses is consulting and technical services related to the control, the efficient use and utilization, and the cost management of energy, and the design of energy efficient systems and facilities. The services provided in this area include energy audits at all levels of complexity, from simple walk-through audits to comprehensive ASHRAE Level II and III studies; load modeling; life cycle cost analysis; the energy efficient design of buildings and industrial facilities and processes; the design and implementation of metering, monitoring and energy management strategies; the evaluation and development of supply-side strategies; the evaluation of gas and electric tariffs; and the evaluation and development of energy production facilities.

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Business Aspects relating to Energy Use

The third primary area in which the Company focuses is in the business aspects related to energy use and energy production. This includes detailed economic analyses of investments in the energy sector; modeling of energy production facilities; life cycle cost analysis; facility valuations; preparation and submission of grant and funding applications; and the preparation of strategic and business plans for a variety of clients.

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Leadership & Project Management

Since the beginning, Bridgestone has recognized the need to be able to lead projects as well as participate in project teams. As a result, Bridgestone has developed excellent leadership and project management skills and experience on a wide range of projects, from power plant development projects, to cogeneration studies, to energy audits. Bridgestone has been a leader in helping shape the independent power industry in the United States. Providing lobbying and regulatory initiative services to clients during the early stages of the change to a competitive, deregulated and independent power industry in the US, Bridgestone gained a wealth of experience in the regulatory environmental surrounding power and energy. Bridgestone has also been a leader in evaluating new and emerging technologies for the energy industry including solar, water processing, water treatment, and biomass power generation.

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Long History of Evaluation, Design and Development

Bridgestone Associates and its principals have a solid and long history in the evaluation, design and development of renewable energy and conventional fuel projects of all types and sizes. Projects range in size and scope from small biomass wood gasification and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects to large scale solar (Concentrating Solar Power and photovoltaic) plants, windfarms and geothermal plants to large scale gas and liquid fuel combined cycle plants and large scale coal plants. Evaluation, development and design of both conventional fuel and renewable energy projects requires the broad set of skills and capabilities that Bridgestone Associates possesses. These skills and the experience behind them have been applied numerous times to assist clients in evaluating and developing renewable energy project opportunities. Whether natural gas, diesel, coal, wind, solar, biomass or hydro, many of the basic feasibility study requirements are the same, and so Bridgestone is well practiced in applying the necessary skills to achieve the desired goal.

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Over 29+ Years of Experience & 21,500+ MW of Power Projects

Over the past 3 decades, Bridgestone - an energy consulting group - has performed over 250 feasibility studies and evaluations and early stage development work on over 21,500 MW of power projects including over 2,700 MW of renewable energy projects. Bridgestone has also conducted energy audits and evaluations on over 25 million square feet of industrial, commercial and institutional properties.

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Our nearly 30 years of experience working to deliver energy service projects throughout the world ensures you are trusting your project to capable professionals who have the tools required to get the job done right and on budget.

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