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Energy Consulting Services: Commercial, Industrial & Government

energy consulting services in a wide range of disciplines

Fossil Fuel, Waste, Bio and Renewable/Green Energy Consulting Services



Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of energy consulting services and energy advisory services to the users, marketers and producers of energy as well as to owners and operators of energy projects, equipment and service providers, and financial institutions involved in the energy market.


These services include:

  • Renewable energy, independent power plant (IPP), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP), cogeneration, microgrid, distributed generation, waste-to-energy, bio-fuels and other energy facility feasibility evaluations, equipment selection, design, development and operations
  • Energy auditing, evaluation and benchmarking of energy use and consumption efficiencies, analyses of existing and alternative tariffs, energy management strategy and utilization planning
  • Financial, economic, life-cycle cost analysis, and technical modeling of energy and infrastructure projects
  • Sustainability and carbon reduction consulting
  • Grant writing and submission
  • Energy and infrastructure project acquisition and investment due diligence
  • Technical and economic evaluation of new technologies
  • Process and production systems assessment and optimization
  • Strategic, business and market planning and business development
  • Environmental permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Energy procurement


Our vast experience providing energy consulting services ensures we can get the job done right.

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Bridgestone provides transparent consulting services to each of its clients and delivers projects on time and on budget.

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