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Bridgestone Associates, Ltd., Signs Agreement for Detailed Design of Brine Pre-Treatment Plant at Buckman’s Inc’s Chlor Alkali Manufacturing Facility

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Bridgestone Associates, Ltd., Signs Agreement for Detailed Design of Brine Pre-Treatment Plant at Buckman’s Inc’s Chlor Alkali Manufacturing Facility

November 11, 2022 0 Comments press-release

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA, November 11th, 2022 – Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. (https://brdgstn.com) today signed an agreement with Buckman’s Inc., Pottstown, Pennsylvania (https://www.buckmansinc.com). Under this agreement Bridgestone will provide detailed design, and oversee procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up of a salt pre-treatment plant at Buckman’s Pottstown Sodium Hypochlorite manufacturing facility. Bridgestone will also provide training for plant operators and management.


Salt (NaCl) or Sodium Chloride as a brine or aqueous solution is used in the production of Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) or bleach using electrolysis. To lower feedstock costs and increase availability of alternative supply choices, Buckman’s had sought alternative salt sources from around the world. Under a previous agreement Bridgestone had managed detailed testing of many of these alternative salt supplies and, based on that, Buckman’s had selected an available supply from North Africa. Under that same previous agreement, Bridgestone developed a preliminary design for a brine pre-treatment plant to remove undesirable chemical contaminants in this selected salt and supply clean, uncontaminated brine to the existing Hypochlorite Plant. Under the new agreement, Bridgestone will complete detailed design and engineering and then oversee the procurement and construction of the pre-treatment plant. Once constructed, Bridgestone will manage and conduct commissioning and startup. Bridgestone will also provide training and prepare operations and maintenance manuals.


“We are pleased to continue our earlier work of testing and selection of a new salt feedstock and build on our preliminary design for the new brine pretreatment plant” said Frank Miller, Bridgestone’s Senior Project Manager who will be managing the project and overseeing all the design work. “In addition to removing the undesirable contaminants in the new brine in a step-by-step process, we will also be able to significantly reduce the wastewater that the existing plant produces and transports daily to the local municipal wastewater treatment plant generating additional savings for the client,” continued Mr. Miller. “There are numerous small and medium sized chlor alkali plants in the USA and overseas that could benefit from the novel and cost-effective design that Frank has developed,” added Martin Anderson, Bridgestone’s Founder and President. “We look forward to completing this project and getting it to run successfully so we can work with other chemical companies that are interested and that have a similar need,” he added.


The completed plant has a budgeted capital cost of approximately $2.8 million. Plant completion is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.


About Bridgestone Associates, Ltd.

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. is a 30-year-old Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA based energy consulting and development company focused on the evaluation, development, financing, design, construction, and operations of Renewable, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Independent Power (IPP) energy production facilities, on the efficient use and utilization of energy, and on the evaluation and design of infrastructure projects.  The Company provides these services to developers and owners of power generating and other energy and infrastructure related projects worldwide, as well as commercial and industrial energy users.


About Buckman’s Inc.

Buckman’s is a more than 45-year-old family owned and operated business based in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 1965 by Leon Buckman as a pool construction and service company, Buckman’s Inc. has grown into one of the largest suppliers and distributors of swimming pool chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and ice melt products in the Eastern US, serving customers in 40 states and Canada. The company is one of the largest East Coast suppliers and distributors of Sodium Hypochlorite, Muriatic Acid, Diatomaceous Earth, Calcium, Magnesium, Rock Salt and other chemicals. In addition to distributing Sodium Hypochlorite, the company manufactures Sodium Hypochlorite (a.k.a. bleach) in their state-of-the-art Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing Plant in Pottstown.


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