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Bridgestone Associates Joins US EPA CHP Partnership

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Bridgestone Associates Joins US EPA CHP Partnership

July 1, 2020 0 Comments press-release

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA, June 1st, 2020 – Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. (https://brdgstn.com) announced today that the Company has joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership. This Partnership works with CHP developers, equipment suppliers, end users and other stakeholders to promote the development of CHP in the Unites States.


“Bridgestone Associates is very active in the technical, economic and environmental evaluation and design of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants for clients throughout the U.S. and around the world” said Martin Anderson, President of Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. “CHP may be installed on a standalone basis to provide energy users with lower cost energy and reduced total emissions, or as part of a microgrid to provide resiliency” continued Mr. Anderson. “With its inherent efficiency, CHP can significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels, lower emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and reduce water use. Promoting CHP and these goals is the purpose of the CHP Partnership, and we are pleased to have been invited to join and to participate in furthering these objectives.”


About Bridgestone Associates, Ltd.

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd. is a 28+ year old Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA based energy consulting and development company, focused on the evaluation, development, financing, design, construction and operations of Renewable, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Independent Power (IPP) energy production facilities, and on the efficient use of energy. The Company provides these services to developers and owners of power generating and other energy related projects, and to commercial, industrial, and institutional energy users worldwide.


About the US EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Through the CHP Partnership, EPA’s CHP team works with CHP stakeholders to reduce air pollution and water usage associated with electric power generation by increasing the use of CHP. EPA’s goal is to remove policy barriers and to facilitate the development of new projects in the United States and its territories by promoting the economic, environmental, and reliability benefits of CHP. The Agency provides tools, policy information, and other resources to energy users; the CHP industry; clean air officials; and other clean energy stakeholders.




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