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concentrated solar power (CSP) preliminary assessment project

Bridgestone Associates performed an energy study and audit of approximately 50 buildings built from 1870 to very recently on this urban university campus of Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.  Work was performed for Cinergy Solutions, an Energy Services Company interested in investing in a shared savings program with the University.  Work included auditing of all the main buildings and facilities on the campus; modeling of existing utility bills; analysis of time-of-day and 15-minute interval electric data; review and evaluation of lighting systems; review and evaluation of HVAC and domestic hot water systems; review and evaluation of the Energy Management Systems; review and evaluation of water, sewer and other utilities; and review and evaluation of all building envelopes and structures.  Because the University has taken over many local old houses, churches and other structures which will eventually be demolished as newer buildings are constructed, the energy audit focused primarily on the core campus buildings.


  • Project Type: Detailed Energy Audit
  • Client: Widener University and Cinergy Solutions
  • Date: 2005
  • Location: Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

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