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cg electrodes waste heat recovery

Bridgestone Associates was engaged by Kellogg’s Corporation to study waste heat recovery from three large bakery ovens at Kellogg’s plant in Muncy, Pennsylvania.  These three gas fired ovens exhaust to atmosphere a total of approximately 1.5 MMBtu/hour of 350 – 680 oF waste heat.  The ovens operate 24/7 baking Pop-Tarts and Nutri Grain bars for consumer use.  In addition to the energy used in the ovens, the plant uses energy for various cooling requirements and for space heating and production hot water.  The use of the waste heat to replace one or more of these other energy uses was the primary focus of the study.   Bridgestone evaluated waste heat production availability and quality, developed a number of alternative recovery designs and uses, and prepared a comprehensive technical and economic model to evaluate between alternatives.


  • Project Type: Waste Heat Recovery from Bakery Ovens
  • Client: Kellogg’s Corporation
  • Date: 2011
  • Location: Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA

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