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distributed power generation study

The purpose of this distributed generation and renewable energy market study was to identify and rank a number of selected utility regions within the US based on the “developability” of small and medium scale distributed generation and renewable energy generation.  The client, an independent power plant developer and unregulated utility subsidiary wanted this study so they could use the results to focus their marketing and business development in the utility territories where each type and size of technology ranked highest.  Factors considered in the ranking process included a wide range of criteria for development including resource availability, regulatory environment, costs, utility environment, constructability, local and regional incentives, renewable energy credits, etc.  These criteria were given a weighting and that weighting and the score used to identify in which utility territories each type of project would be best.  The types of projects included Emergency and Stand-by Power, Stand-by and Load Curtailment Power, Peak Shaving, Primary Power, Cogeneration (CHP), Solar Power, and Wind Power.


  • Project Type: Detailed Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Market Study
  • Client: A major Independent Power Developer (Unregulated Utility Subsidiary)
  • Date: 2001 – 2001
  • Location: Throughout the United States

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