Special Legal Note - 06/2011

Bridgestone has recently been made aware that certain individuals and companies have claimed to represent Bridgestone while using Bridgestone's name and past experience to enter into project partnerships, and to bid on international projects.  The apparent purpose of this illegal activity is to obtain fees and expenses from the other project participants.  This has been done without the approval or permission of Bridgestone.

To avoid any possible recurrence of this illegal activity, if you have been contacted by anyone claiming to represent Bridgestone, if in any doubt, prior to entering into any agreement, partnership agreement or project bid, please contact Bridgestone at or +1-610-388-6191.

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Energy Currents

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Design Projects

In addition to the preliminary engineering Bridgestone Associates performs as part of feasibility studies on many renewable energy, CHP and IPP projects, Bridgestone Associates takes on certain design only projects.  Examples of these include:

  • Pennsylvania, USA – 2.5 MW waste heat fired cogeneration plant – complete design of steam turbine based plant.
  • New Jersey, USA– 40 MW cogeneration plant – design of substation to interface plant to two 26 kV feeders.
  • Pennsylvania, USA– re-design of main plumbing risers in high rise office building.
  • Pennsylvania, USA– 400 kW waste heat ORC plant – complete design.
  • Ohio, USA– golf course on closed landfill – determination of electric loads and design for nighttime lighting of golf course.
  • Pennsylvania, USA– design of stairwell pressurization systems (smoke removal) for numerous multi-storey mixed use office and residential buildings.
  • Pennsylvania, USA– landfill gas generating projects – design of transmission interconnection and substations.
  • Delaware, USA– 200,000 sq ft office building – design of complete building management system.
  • Pennsylvania, USA– 2,500 kW generatrion project - design study for electrical interconnection of back-up generators to become primary supply.
  • Delaware, USA– chemical plant - air compressor design study and replacement equipment selection.
  • New York, USA– multi-tenant, multi-building residential complex – design study on existing electrical service, re-design and vendor proposal evaluation.


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